What's in store for 2017

What 2017 Has In Store For Lindsay is Awesome

Now that 2016 is nearing to an end, we can hold our heads up and plow into 2017 at full speed! It’s been a complete whirlwind of a year and has led me to not really post any new tutorials or freebies. I am sorry for that. But now I can start to plan and hope that in 2017 will hold much more! Promise!


Where have you been?

Whelp! Really there has been a lot going on. This blog has always been an outlet for me to be creative, and share techniques I’ve learned along the way. I feel like creating a tutorial on things I’ve learned will help me retain the knowledge and hopefully teach you something new as well. My design blog has always been fairly low on priority as this is in no way a money maker for me. Every now and then I will get some adsense, but really in the last 2 years I honestly haven’t reached that point of getting a nice check from Google.

So since this blog isn’t a big focus for me, what do you do? I work full time as a production designer and really a huge focus and a lot of energy has been into that. It’s really what pays the bills!

Do you do any side income projects? Of course! But again, it’s not something I prioritize. I do get some payout every now and again from royalties for shirt designs, cashing in on some Swagbucks and doing the occasional logo design. But really it’s something that earns me peanuts. I do hope to change this!


My Goals for 2017

The bulk of this article is mostly for me to share with you, the reader, my journey to gaining enough passive income and freelance to where I can say goodbye to the monotony of an 8-5 job that in my area is under valued.

Merch by Amazon

I’ve been looking into Merch by Amazon and finding that this is a shirt site where you upload designs, you can market the design and they do the rest! You gain royalties off of your design which will help pad the wallet if done successfully. For this year I hope to get to the point where I can gain a monthly payout of at least $100. If I make more, score! I’ve read about successes of earning 1000s monthly, but really if you aim too high there is always the possibility of getting disappointed with efforts.


Some people shutter at the name of the site, some may be even surprised that it’s still around, but Cafepress royalties surprisingly has been something that has paid me out more than any other revenue stream. Even though my approach has been mostly passive on this and it’s been very simple designs, people do buy them and I am more than ok with that!

Youtube Videos

This is something that I don’t expect a revenue stream at all! I find people learn better by being taught in that platform than a step-by-step blog page. I hope to start creating some design tuts that way 🙂

Another note on this platform I had “started” creating some time lapse drawing videos. I used to draw all the time but somewhere along the way that sort of went away. I do hope doing this will help jump start creativity! As a production designer there is a lot of cut/paste company logos so rarely does it allow creativity. Maybe I will do crafting videos if I feel super ambitious.


Of course this will be on the list! If I pick up a job or 2 off of Upwork I will definitely be content in this department. It’s a very competitive place!


Etsy? Storenvy? Yes of course! This past year I have really gone all crafty! I had been playing with chainmail, melting perler beads, moulding polymer clays and even brainstormed much more things.  I figure that I can turn around and sell my crafts for a little extra cash.

And this blog of course!

Again, this blog has always been an outlet to help me learn some nice design tricks. I do have a goal to go back to the once a week postings.


I know this is a nice list of ambitions but I am hoping to stick to it! I hope to do another post this time next year as a review to the year and see if I held true to my goals. Happy New Year! Let’s rock at 2017!

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