5 Great Resources for Free Photos

Finding free photos to use on your blog, design or website that doesn’t have copyright restrictions can be quite the challenge. I have rounded up the best sites that offer free photos that everyone can use in their projects without the worry of being slapped with a lawsuit. Just make sure you check the copyright restrictions on each image you plan on using from these sites. Some photos are completely free while others require you to mention them (which is something you should do). Remember to always follow copyright and creative commons licensing rules to get the permissions you need to use any images for any of your projects.


Unsplash.com has been by far my favorite free high resolution image site. The files are large and can be used in a variety of ways. The amount of detail and composition is wonderful. The content ranges from nature images to a more urban setting. It does make a great set up for backgrounds, art work, etc. It’s and it’s completely free!


Death to the Stock Photo

Death to stock photo has been a great online tool for free images as well! You sign up to their email list and they will send you some great high resolution images via email. They are beautiful image captures and having the images come into your inbox makes it convenient to do a quick download and store it in your designer tool box for later works.


Free Images (formerly sxc.hu)

Free images was my first find years ago for free image resources. There are so many images in their database that it does take a bit to comb through. Just be aware of how “free” they are. Some uploaders say it can be free as long as you give them the proper credit.



This site is not only great for free photos but also contain a stock pile of vectors as well! This site really is good for a one stop place. Just double check the terms of use requested by the artist and you will be golden.



Yes you! If you want to be 100% sure you aren’t violating copyrights by using certain photos take your own pictures. You can take them with your phone, basic camera or a digital SLR camera. I do recommend that you use an SLR. SLR cameras have certain capabilities a basic camera doesn’t have. This will also build on your skills as a designer as well. Photography is definitely a nice skill to have!

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