Free Glitter Textures

6 Free Glitter Textures

Ah glitter! The craft supply that won’t go away. Makes a mess and when you’ve thought you’ve cleaned it up it re-appears on your face and shines so brightly in the sun for everyone to see! I have unleashed this beast into my home to bring you this week’s freebie. Glitter Textures! I’m still finding traces scattered throughout the house.

I will save you from meeting the same fate I have experienced and share with you 6 glitter textures you can use in your designs. If you are looking for glitz and glam of a Las Vegas show, this texture pack is perfect for you!


What You’ll Get:

Glitter Texture preview


6 glitter textures in JPG format to use in your designs for special effects, backgrounds and more! The imagination is limitless!


Download Glitter Textures

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