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6 Free Script Fonts for Designers

Fonts are a major part of a designers work. Every once in a while you’ll find some nice classy script fonts that are a great addition to your collection. Plus they are completely free! In this post I will showcase 6 fonts that are free to download and use for your projects!


Beyond the Mountains

Beyond the Mountains Da font

Beyond the Mountains on Da Font

Alex Brush

Alex Brush on Font Squirrel

Alex Brush on Font Squirrel

Infinite Stroke

Infinite Stroke on da font

Infinite Stroke on Da Font

Great Vibes

great vibes on font squirrel

Great Vibes on Font Squirrel

Pamega Script


Pamega Script on Da Font


marguaritas on da font

Marguaritas on Da Font

Got a few fonts you like to use in your design? Comment below 🙂

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