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Create a Hipster Mustache in Illustrator

Excuse me but I “mustache” you a question! Did you know the hipster trend is still around? Did you know hipster mustaches are still a big deal? Well in this tutorial I will show you how to make a very quick and simple hipster mustache to go with any vintage-y design!

Let’s Get Started!


Start a new doc

First open up Adobe Illustrator and start a New Document (CMD/Ctrl + O). The document size can be 800×800 pixels to get you started.


Grab your Rounded rectangle tool

Next up you grab your Rounded Rectangle Tool. Make sure the rounded corners are maxed out for roundness.


delete extra anchor points

Take your Delete Anchor Point Tool (-) and click on the top and bottom part of the rounded rectangle.


Remove the curves

At this point you will need to use your Anchor Point Tool (Shift + C) and remove the remaining part of the once rounded rectangle. This should look like a sharp point at one end and a rounded edge on the other. This will be your new Brush Tool!


Create your new brush

Open up your Brushes Panel. Select your shape and drag it into the Brushes Panel. This will bring up a dialog box for a New Brush and you will select Art Brush and then click OK. And then OK again. You will see your new brush in your brush panel.


curl your hipster mustache

Take your Pen Tool (P) and make a swirl-like shape. If you want a bushier mustache just increase the stroke. Once you get the over all shape down Copy (CMD/Ctrl + C) and Paste in Place (CMD/Ctrl + Shift + V) for the other side.


reflect and move for stache

Now Reflect (Object – > Transform -> Reflect) the shape and it will be your mirror. Move the mustache side over to where you get a nice and even looking mustache!




Outline The moustache

Expand (Object – > Expand..) out your stroke to ensure it stays proportional. And there you have it! A nice bushy hipster mustache! There are other ways to go about this but this is a quick and dirty way to get that trendy look created.



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