create robot in illustrator

Create A Robot in Illustrator

Robots are the future! They are useful tools to making life easier for humans. They may also turn to become destructive and wipe out civilization as we know it! In today’s post I will show you how to create a quick and simple robot vector in Illustrator. We will show you how to create it using the rectangle tool, ellipse tool, strokes and the bulge warp effect.

Let’s Begin!

Open Illustrator
Start off by opening up Adobe Illustrator and create a New Document. For this let’s have the Artboard size to be about 1000px x 1000px. You really can have it at any size.

start with rectangle tool and bulge

Now we will take the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a rectangle shape. While the shape is still selected go into Effect->Warp->Bulge. Make sure you select preview check box to see the amount of bulge you are applying. Click on the Vertical Option and Bend about 20-25%.

Rounded rectangle tool

Once you have the bulge how you like it select your Rounded Rectangle Tool. Make sure the radius is pretty rounded and in the center top of the bulged rectangle.

Add your receiver ball

Next take your Ellipse Tool (L) and hold down the SHIFT key to make sure it stays perfectly round.

add your antenna using stroke

Now take your Line Tool (\) and go from the circle to the rounded rectangle base. Go into your STROKE panel. Increase the weight of the line to about 50px or so. To make a point go to the bottom of the panel and select the shape that looks like an elongated triangle. Once you have that select the circle, line and the base and Move to Back CTRL/CMD SHIFT [

add on the body with the rectangle tool

Next it’s time to build a torso! Take you Rectangle Tool (M) and create a big box slightly overlapping the head. Go into Effect->Warp->Bulge. In the panel make sure the Vertical is selected and make your distortion -19 in the vertical setting.

get your rounded rectangle to add the arm hole

It’s not time to build the arms! Take the Rounded Rectangle Tool and make a vertical pill shape. This is sort of like the ball joint to the shoulder. Move to Back (CTRL/CMD SHIFT [)

use stroke to make the arm

Next take the Pen Tool (V) and create a curved line. Make sure your stroke is set to 50 pt or so.

use ellipse to make the base of hand

Take your Ellipse Tool (L) and Hold down the shift ket to create your hand base.

use rounded rectangle to add fingers

Take your Line Segment Tool (\) and create a short line to start your fingers. Make the thickness about 30pt or so and make the Cap rounded.

copy and paste fingers to add them on hand

Now Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + Shift + V) and then take your rotate tool to adjust as you see fit.

copy and paste the arm parts and reflect

Select the arm pieces, Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + Shift + V) and Reflect Vertically. This will make the other arm.

use ellipse tool to start eyes

Now got to your Ellipse Tool (L) and Hold down the Shift key to make a perfect circle for the eye.

copy and paste eye to make it the same size

Copy (CTRL/CMD + C)  and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + Shift + V) then shift the eye over.

use ellipse and make an oval for mouth

Take your Ellipse Tool (L)  and create an oval.

select the torso and bring to front

Once you have the mouth to the right size. Select the Torso piece and Bring to the Front (CTRL/CMD + Shift + ] )

use rectangle and ellipse for buttons

Now take your Rectangle Tool (M) and Ellipse Tool (L) and create your button plates.

make legs with ellipse and stroke

Next it’s time to create the legs! Take Two Circles using some more Ellipse Tool (L) and your Line Segment Tool (\) and place everything to the Back of the torso (CTRL/CMD + Shift + [ )

copy and paste leg to make the other one

Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) the 3 pieces of the leg and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + Shift + V ) and move the pieces to the side to create your other leg.

start filling in robot with color

Now for the fun part! Coloring in your robot! Take any color palette you would like to fill in your robot. For this I am using the Basic Print Color Palette.

Final robot Image

Once you have all of your robot sections colored in you are done! This is a basic layout for your robot but you can add definition to the robot by using the gradients for coloring. I had used just the basic Print swatch to get the very basic conveyed out.

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