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Create an Epic Light Saber in Photoshop

Do you have an inner nerd in you or possibly know of someone who it? It’s almost Star Wars Day! What other way to show appreciation than by Photoshopping a Light Saber in your photos? In this tutorial I show you how to take an ordinary photo and bring out the Force. 

Let’s show you how you too can use the Force!

Original image

First you’ll want to take a picture of a person holding a stick or holding something that looks like you may be able to wield a Light Saber. You can also download it from numerous free photo websites. I grabbed mine off of my favorite high resolution free site called Unsplash!

Next you’ll need to Open (CMD/Ctrl + O) in Photoshop. Go ahead and Crop (C) out the unnecessary areas to make your Jedi the center of the image if you would like.

rounded rectangle tool

Now let’s make the shape of the Light saber using the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U). Make sure you size it to be the right thickness for the saber wielder.

free transform tool

Use your Free Transform (CMD/Ctrl + T) to position it to look like the person is holding it as well as size it out.

modify color fill

Modify Color Fill of the rounded rectangle by double clicking the layer in your Layers Panel. This should pop up the color picker. In this case I colored the rounded rectangle to the Hex code of #dbe9de. This will vary depending on the light saber color.

Inner glow style

Select your Rounded Rectangle layer in the Layers Panel and click on the Layers Style icon on the bottom of the panel. It will pop up your Layer Style box. Click on the Inner Glow style. Make sure your blending mode is set to Multiply. Opacity set to about 97% your noise set to 6%. For the Color I set the Hex code to #bbf3ed. Something a little darker to create more of a glow look. In the elements make your size about 21% or so. This is largely dependent on the image you are using. This part will vary based on the size and color of the light saber you have.

outer glow style

Next check on the Outer Glow. Make the size about 62px, the color a Hex code of about #b3f7cd (something lighter than your inner glow) and range to 47%. This will give the glow more intensity. Click OK.

Final Light Saber look

And here is your young Jedi master getting ready to take down the Imperial Army! If you like this tutorial be sure to check out the other tutorials I’ve created. If you like them be sure to share!



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