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How To Create Fireworks in Illustrator

Fireworks! The nice colorful explosions that light up the sky that bring out your inner pyromaniac! It’s a great way to celebrate! In this case we are getting ready to celebrate the new year! In this tutorial I will show you how to make simple fireworks in Illustrator using the pen tool and some gradients.


open file and create a black backgroun

First Open a New Document (CTRL/CMD + N) in Illustrator. Select the Rectangle Tool (M) and make sure the color is set to black and cover up your art board.

view your grid

OPTIONAL you can turn on your gridlines (CTRL/CMD + ‘) if you want to have something more symmetrical.

start creating lines up and out

Take your Pen Tool (P) and create a line with a slight arc. To start a new line just hit the Enter key to stop the pen tool from creating another segment. Continue to do this until you make it all the way around in a circle.

select lines and change your brush

Now that you have your lines in place Select all of your strokes. go into your Stroke Panel and this is where you can increase the stroke thickness weight. On the very bottom of the Stroke Panel there is a Profile Dropdown. This has different options of line thickness. Select the one where it’s pointed on the end and fat in the center. Once you have the stroke profile and thickness that works for you Expand your strokes OBJECT -> EXPAND

apply a gradient

With your fireworks still selected let’s Group (CTRL/CMD + G) it all together. Now go into your Gradient panel and in the Type dropdown make sure to make it Radial. This is where you can be creative with your colors just make sure your inner color is white and the outer colors are something somewhat bright! The possibilities are endless!

copy and paste final results

Once you have the colors you like you can just copy and past the firework graphic and change your colors in the Gradient Panel. And there you have it! Happy New Year everyone!


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