inner drop shadow effect in photoshop

Create an Inner Drop Shadow in Photoshop

It’s easy to create a drop shadow in Illustrator but you run into the issue that it’s only visible on the outside of your design. Sometimes you just need to create an inner drop shadow effect only in the inside of your image. This week I will show you how to do just that!

Let’s get to it!
You are going to want to create a New Document (CTRL/CMD + O) in Photoshop and Add a vector background of your choice.

Start with text.

Next take your Text tool (T) and add in the words of your choosing.

Outline your text

Now make sure your text is selected and Create an Outline (CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + O).

copy and paste object twice

Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + V) 2 times.

create a rectangle and put in between layers and outline

Take your Rectangle tool (M) and create a box to completely cover the outlined text. Now make sure the new rectangle is in between your first and second objects. Turn off your top text layer and bottom in the Layers Panel.

pathfinder and punch out your text

Select your top visible outline layer and the rectangle layer. Go into your Pathfinder Tool and click Merge. This will knock out the white right behind the text. Take your Magic Wand Tool (Y) and select your text layer and hit Delete.

add in drop shadow

With the box still selected go into your Drop Shadow Effect (EFFECT -> STYLIZED -> DROP SHADOW) and make sure your preview is selected so you can see the amount of drop shadow is being applied. Once you get the right amount of drop shadow click OK.

make top layer visible and into a compound path

Turn on the text layer visibility in your Layers Panel. Select the visible outlined text and make it into a Compound Path (OBJECT -> COMPOUND PATH ->MAKE).  Now take your compound path and punched out rectangle and make a Clipping Mask (Right Click -> Make Clipping Mask). 

new finished effect!

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to create an awesome inn drop shadow effect!

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