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How To Create A Pumpkin Vector

With fall in full swing and Pumpkin Spice fused into every seasonal thing, it’s on everyone’s mind! Which is why I am going to show you how you can make your own pumpkin vector in Adobe Illustrator!

Preview of your finished tutorial:

Preview of finished vector

This is more or less the finalized look of the pumpkin vector you are about to do!


Let’s Go!

Open a new Document

Open up Adobe Illustrator and Create a New Document. The size of the page can be any size, but for this tutorial a 2000×2000 pixel art board should work fine.

Make a circle and duplicate

Make sure your fill color is orange. Select your Ellipse Tool (L) and create five round circles. A quick way is to create one ellipse and Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + Shift + V) and move each piece over like you see above. Once you have that Select All (CTRL/CMD + A) and Group (CTRL/CMD + G) your circles.

Create a bulge effect

Once you have that Go into Effect->Warp->Bulge to beef up the circles. Make sure the Horizontal is selected and you can do about 25% of a bend.

Add in your lines with pen tool

Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) the new shape and Paste in Place (CTRL/CMD + Shift + V) another layer over the top. Select the bottom layer and color it a little darker and move it to the side a touch. Next, take your Pen Tool (P) and create some tapered lines where you see the indentations on the pumpkin shape.


add in your highlights

Now it’s time for the highlights! Take your Pen Tool (P) and start tracing over the top part of the Pumpkin shape. Make sure your fill is a lighter shade of orange. Once you have your trace completed start moving it behind your pumpkin lines (CTRL/CMD + [ ) about four times.

Create a stem with pen tool

Lastly take your Pen Tool (P) and make sure your fill is a green color and create a rough stem shape. This part doesn’t have to be perfect at all! Once you have your rough shape let’s move it to the back (CTRL/CMD + Shift + [). Lastly it’s time to lock everything together by Selecting All (CTRL/CMD + A) and Group (CTRL/CMD +G).

And that’s all there is to it! A quick and simple pumpkin vector for you to use in your seasonal stuff!

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