Create Seamless Patterns in Illustrator

Patterns are very handy when designing out things. Seamless patterns are even more impressive and classy for products, background images, etc. This process gets easier and easier with every upgrade to Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial will show you how to create custom seamless patterns quickly and easily.


Open up your pattern

Open Up Adobe Illustrator. If you are starting from scratch, Create a New Document CTRL/CMD + N. I am using Adobe CC but you can also use this technique with CS6. If you have a vector already created Open your file CTRL/CMD + O. You can always browse through free vector sites like For this I will open up this simple flower vector.

Preview of Patterns Panel

Select the design you want to repeat. Go into OBJECT->PATTERN->MAKE. You’ll get a pop-up saying the pattern has been added to the Swatches panel. You can select Don’t Show Again or Click on the OK button. This will pop up a pattern panel. This is where you will be making your edits. Here you can edit the way they tile as well as spacing and offsets.

Offset your pattern

For this I am selecting Brick by Column. 1/2 offset and spacing 2.5 inches apart.

Adding another element in the editing

If you want to add onto the pattern by making new vector elements, this is a good time to get those in there. This one I’ve just copy and pasted the original flower and pasted it into the will also repeat as well.


Recoloring in the panel

You can also recolor it as well.

Click Done when you're finish

Once everything is how you want it to look like click Done on the top of the art space. Your design is now a swatch! This will show you the original starting design. You can now remove it if you wish.

Final Pattern work

Select your Rectangle Tool (M) and draw a box. Select your new pattern in the swatch panel. And there you have it! The quick way to create a seamless pattern in Illustrator!

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