Create A Typographic Illustration

A typographic illustration is a trendy design you may see on all sort of places. Prints, shirts, you name it! In this tutorial I will show you how to quickly make one by using the pen tool, a handwritten font and an image all in Adobe Illustrator.

Let’s Get Started!

squirrel from unsplash

You’ll need an image with an object and Adobe Illustrator. I am using an image from which is a totally free hi-res image site to use in anything you want! I am using this Squirrel from there!

pen tool to outline

Open up your image in Adobe Illustrator. Now take your Pen Tool (P) and start making points to start outlining your object. If you’re not familiar with the pen tool it will take a little bit of trial and error to get the points and curves just right.


outline with stroke

If you have a fill color you’ll may notice at some point it will be difficult to see the image behind. Just make your fill transparent. I personally like to have a color for the stroke so I can see my area better.

delete photo in the background

Once you get around the whole outline go ahead and remove the image by Deleting. This will leave you with the outlined vector shape. Now is a good time to put a fill back in the shape.

add in your text

Now find a good handwritten font to stick in the inside of the object. For this font I am using Marguaritas which is found on Dafont. Make your font a color that will stand out against the filled object. Type out your phrase using the Type Tool (T).

outline your text

You’ll notice it’s all uniform and doesn’t fill in the space very well. This is where we start we start filling out the object. Select the text area and make it an Outline (CTRL/CMD + Shift + O). This will allow you to start filling things out better. Double click your phrase area you’ll notice when clicking on the words it only selects the letter. Use the Selection Tool (V) and select all of the letters in the word and Group them (CTRL/CMD + G). This will allow you to do effects to the words in a group and make it look less strange as opposed to doing it one letter at a time.

warp tool

Depending on the object you are creating will vary on this step. You are going to want to Warp (EFFECT->WARP) your words.

finished typographic illustration

Play around with the warp options until you get the overall shape you think will work best for your text. There you have it! A quick way to create a simple trendy design!

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