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Create A Vintage Effect On Photos

Vintage is such a thing of the past! Or at least it was until vintage became a cool trend. This trend has been around for a few years now and is still going strong. Thank you hipsters!

This tutorial will guide you through some nice and quick steps in Photoshop to create a great vintage effect to your photographs.



Let’s Get Started!


image to vintage. Taken by anitab0000


First Open up your image in Photoshop (Ctrl/Cmd + O). You can use any image. Most vintage effects have been mostly applied on photos of people or urban scenery. For this tutorial I am using an image from (formerly


Selective color


Go into your Layers Panel and click on Selective Color. This will create a new layer for adjusting your color values without damaging the original image. Select your Black in the Color Dropdown and then tone down your black to -30%. Select your Whites and bump up your value to +35%. Lastly adjust your neutrals to +40%. This will start to make your photo look washed out in the blacks and more contrasty in your white and neutral values.


color fill effect


Next create a new Layer Adjustment and select Color Fill. This will bring up your color pop up value. Select a semi-washed out blue. You can select some orange to create more of a sepia tone to your image. At this stage it’s your disgression on the color and the overall tone you would like your image to have. Then adjust the layer Opacity down to about 35% and make your Color Fill layer a Screen


Grab your texture


Lastly, it’s time to insert in a texture for your image. I grabbed this texture from FreeImages Copied (Ctrl/Cmd +C)and Pasted (Ctrl/Cmd + V) it into my image document. Adjust your Blending Mode to Overlay and bring the layerOpacity down to 40%



Finish vintage feel


And there you have it! A nice quick tutorial to give your photos that aged vintage effect.


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