Creating textured text in photoshop

Creating Textured Text in Photoshop

Grungy and deteriorated fonts are available all over the internet and are great for quick jobs, but they have one major flaw in them, the same letters have the same look. In this post I will show you how to create a custom grunge textured text in Photoshop. Custom effects can give that unique feel to your projects and allows you to make adjustments freely without being limited with a set look on your lettering.


Earlier this week, I created a couple posts of free concrete textures and tree bark textures to add to your design toolbox. If you haven’t downloaded them yet you are more than welcome to use them in any personal or commercial projects. You can’t have too many textures right?


Now to get started!


open your new document

Start with a New Document and give it a colored background. Adding in a background will allow you to view the textured effects.

Another option is to just create a colored box, but that adds in another layer to your work space. Either way is completely Ok.


put in your text and add a background

Next add in text onto your document by selecting the Type Tool (T). It can be in any font, size, color. I am using Rockwell Extra Bold from for this tutorial. It’s also available and free on other sites as well.


add your texture

Now getting into the textures! I am using bark-texture-5.jpg for this. Open it up in Photoshop and Copy (control+C or command+ C) the whole image. Or if you feel like the image needs more contrast or adjustments, you can make them on this file before Copying.


add in a mask

Go back into your working document and click on the text layer in the Layers Panel and create a Layer Mask by clicking on the icon on the bottom that looks like a circle inside a square. You will then see a mask square be applied next to the Text Layer.

Now for the magic, applying the texture!

To apply you texture hold down the Option or Alt key and click on the Mask. You will then see the workspace turn white, which is what you want to see.

Remember copying the texture? Now you can paste it onto the document! You will also note that the image is now in grayscale, which is what the mask only sees.


final look at your new textured text

You can click out of the mask view by pressing on your text in the Layers Panel or Alt or Option and click. Your text should now have your texture applied! If you want to move the texture around you can unlink the mask and then click back onto the document to move around or scale the texture as needed. If you feel like you don’t like the gray-scaled effect on your lettering you can use Threshold to give it more definition and more contrast.

So you can see that the lettering of the document is completely unique and original and gives it that grunge effect.


The Benefits of Creating Your Own Texture Effects

No repeated patterns in the project

You can adjust or replace the texture at any time without ruining the process

Just looks awesome because it’s unique and original! Need I say more?



If you would like for me to make more textures or want to learn something else let me know! I am always open for suggestions for freebies and tutorials!

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