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My Favorite Websites to Get Free Fonts!

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Graphic designers need more than just the basic default fonts on their computers. Clients are always looking for something new, odd, or awesome (sometimes all of the things mentioned). In this article I will discuss my favorite free fonts websites! Having an arsenal of fonts on your system is awesome and you can never have too many.



Dafont.com is a very well known website that has thousands of fonts on file ranging from some of the basic serifs and san serifs to some great handwritten fonts. This website was definitely one of the first websites I’ve accessed for fonts years back. The best part of these fonts is that they are free! Keep in mind, some fonts do come with some rules for use and aren’t allowed for commercial uses, so keep a look out for that.


Losttype.com is another great site I love to access. They have some very beautiful and elegant fonts for downloading that will fit well for trends. Some of the fonts on this site have a hint of nostalgia of the early 1900’s and work well for some simplified hipster designs as well as perfectly pair with some current flat design trends. The fonts are free and if you like them enough and have the funds be sure to donate to the contributors. This helps keep them doing what they do best! (or maybe helps buy them a coffee!)


Fontsquirrel.com is a site I’ve most recently discovered and have had some great luck finding some very unique fonts that fit in some of my projects. Most fonts on this site are free, but there are a few in their database where you have to pay for a bundled pack of fonts. These fonts range from elegant script fonts to basic serifs.


What font sites do you like to go on?

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