Where to Find Freelance Jobs Online

So you want to get into freelance? You can be a student that wants to get their feet wet. You could be the full time worker trying to get a little extra cash. Or you can be a freelancer full time. One thing is for sure is that there are multiple ways to reach out to clients and make some cash doing what you love to do.



I have provided a list of sites where you can seek jobs for designing and some for other trades like writing. This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are a lot more websites out there that you can freelance on. Keep in mind these sites can be competitive so don’t get discouraged when you don’t last your first job right away. Just sign up for the ones that would best apply to you and you may get that perfect project!


Elance is a great place where you have multiple requests for some very cool projects! These projects range from design, writing, coding and more. Keep in mind this is world wide so there is a fair amount of competition out there and they love to charge cheaply for their services. Don’t charge at their rates. Charge what you think will be the best for you. You have to make it worth your time. You might not be the cheapest out there but you can show them your talent and that you are very much qualified.

Upwork (formerly known as Odesk)

Similar to Elance, you can find a large spectrum of jobs out there for you. Here you can take tests to show potential clients your basic knowledge of programs so they can get a feel of what you are capable of. Again, charge what you think you are worth.


Yes… I do have to list this one here. Most people shutter for doing jobs for 5 bucks (4 bucks after the fee… and less for the Paypal transfer) I say this now because the 5 bucks can be misleading. But if you are speedy for your services then it will be worth your while. This site I recommend using to get the basics down and your feet a little wet if you are new to the industry.


This is a well known contest site for most designers. This is an awesome site because the payoff can be well worth your while. The con of this site is that it’s a contest site and if you don’t win… you just did that work for nothing. Other than something to stick into your portfolio. But if you win you can have a greater chance for a long term project relationship with the one that needed the project in the first place.


Is just like Elance and Upwork. There are thousands of job postings out there and you just need to give them the right pitch on why you would be the most qualified freelancer.

Just remember that you will have a fair amount of rejection when it comes to posting your interest online but patience is key! Once you land the projects then you can start gaining reputation for your work and skills. Go out and freelance!

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