How To Quickly Fix A Dark Photograph

Photos can be an important part of designs. When it comes to taking a photograph not everyone is a skilled photographer. This tutorial will show you how to simply fix a dark photograph without using Curves. Curves can be intimidating at first and for beginners this can be difficult to figure out.

Let’s Get Started!
find your dark image and open it
Open (CTRL/CMD + O) up your dark image in Adobe Photoshop. In this image it looks ok but you’ll notice there needs a bit of adjusting to make this image brighter.

unlock image and duplicate your layer

Go into your Layers Panel and Unlock your layer. Make sure your layer is selected and Right Click and Select Duplicate Layer. This will be your working layer so you don’t destroy the original copy.


Make sure your duplicated layer is selected and go into your Layers Panel and in the upper left you’ll see a drop down menu. Click on that and find the Screen option. This will immediately brighten your image. If the image is too bright just tone it down by adjusting your opacity of that layer down until you get the desired brightness.

And here the finished photograph

And here is the final result where you can see the image is much brighter and details of the hills in the background are more visible.


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