Do I Need A Portfolio Website?

You might be new to the design field or you might be coming back into the design world. A question you may ask yourself is do I really need a portfolio website? In short yes, and we will go over the reasons why and where you can start setting one up for yourself.

So Why Do I Need a Website?

– In the online freelancing world, having an online portfolio is the only way a client can see your past work. You may just stick to local clients in your area but many designers in freelancing do a lot of telecommuting to their client work.

-Web presence is also a major key factor in this. If you have your site up for some time it will get picked up by Search engines and could bring in traffic of people searching for you or just by stumbling upon your site

– Along with the Web presence, linking to social media “business” pages will also help get you noticed in more ways. The business pages can be something as simple as basic info of your services and how to get a hold of you. With these pages you can cross link with your website so you can get traffic from all over.

– Some employers look for online portfolios. Believe it or not some employers would rather look at your portfolio online instead of you bringing in a mess of works you’ve done. Employers also like to look at it either prior to an interview so they have some key talking points or after to have time to see the stuff you have done and really take it in.


Where Can I Set Up My Portfolio Site?

GoDaddy – A well known hosting, website company. This is a service you do have to pay for and it really depends on how much stuff you plan on doing. Since this is more so for a basic portfolio site just look for a base package to get you going.

Squarespace – This is a newer service that gives you a ton of classy templates to choose from. This is also a paid service but if you aren’t code savvy this could be the option for you.

Wix – This can start off as a free service and has a great selection of templates to choose from. All you have to do is upload your work. Wix also has the option of more premium services the free set up doesn’t have.


What web service do you use? Comment’s are always welcome!


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