The Realm of Royalties Review

It’s been 3 months since my last overview post. In today’s post I won’t be creating a tutorial nor a freebie post but rather a side note to the other things I have been working on with gaining a little bit of income from royalties.

I work full time as a designer for a local sign/screen print apparel site. This is what pays the bills. On the side I work on this blog website, the occasional freelance gig as well as another side project.

Most of my life growing up I have drawn and have done a lot of artsy stuff so I started up a website where I put in a feed of my Instagram account on there so everyone can see the daily doodles and other shenanigans I’m up to. She Can Draw is mainly for fun but I do have a link to an Etsy page as well as my Redbubble page. You know, trying to get some side income and royalties.

I’ve also been building on other ways to gain royalties so I’ve also uploaded some art to other sites like Cafepress, and society6! The newest site I’ve had the ability to use is Amazon Merch! After a long wait list I was accepted into the program and I’m trying to gain some royalties off of the site as well. Really the only return I have seen so far are from Cafepress and Redbubble. I haven’t done a whole lot of advertising my designs either. This really would be my next step to try to gain some traction.

Really this blog is in no way a money maker for me but rather an outlet to share with people ways to design things. One day I would like to have that ability to do this fulltime. For now I will just settle to trying to gain supplemental income off of shirt designs 🙂

The next overall goals I have for the next 3 months would be to start linking out my designs through social outlets. I do have a YouTube Channel where if I can get a rhythm to start doing time lapse of all the art I create and maybe some crafty tutorials as well. This blog will have it’s weekly content. And of course try to relax a little this summer. 🙂

Do you collect a supplemental income? If so, what ways do you gain it?

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