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Year Stats of Lindsay is Awesome Blog

It’s been a quiet year from me in posting. 3 Posts in total for 2016! So why am I making a year stats review? This is a personal growth and goal for me to look at. Here I will lay out the good, the bad and the ugly of this past year.

Firstly let’s look at the analytics!

Traffic was at a low point most of the year and here is why. In the April time frame last year I had made a terrible mistake of transferring my files to a cloud from an old server host. I was missing an extremely vital part of the site, mysql! Which holds a lot of the blog info.

So what does that mean? That the last couple years before that was completely wiped away. That made my heart completely sink to the pit of my stomach as all of the posting was completely blown away. It was a very discouraging event. The most discouraging part was I didn’t create the posts in a separate file so I could do a quick Copy/Paste and it would be good as new.

At that point I didn’t want to continue on creating posts because I had lost everything and had no idea where to start. Sure there were spikes in the Analytics for traffic (mostly going to the home page) but there was radio silence for a few months. It wasn’t until late July where I looked at a very handy site called Waybackmachine. This site saved my bacon on most of my lost posts. This is where bots take the pages of your site and archive them in the system. It’s not a completely perfect fall back as I did lose some posts. What I ended up doing at that point was taking the images that I did have and re-write the posts so not all was lost. I had made a new post shortly after the overhaul was completed in August. The whole resurrecting everything was a month long process.

That was a huge learning experience and it’s certainly something I don’t want to do again!


This past fall there was a huge surge in traffic based on my Analytics. Not the good kind either. It was seriously attack of the SPAMBOTS. It’s definitely since been controlled.


site source stats

Most of the actual good traffic did come from tutorial sites that I had submitted.
Good Tutorials, and tutorialized being my top referral traffic source and organically Google has been the top choice for me.


traffic source stats

While looking at last year’s stats it looks like Referral has by far outweighed my traffic and surprisingly Social comes second! For most new posts I like to utilize stumbleupon and pinterest for my sources.


top posts stats

This is definitely the most interesting one for me. I would assume freebies would be a more popular posting but it looks like my tutorials are more popular for last year.

Top 3 posts:
Create a Watercolor effect
finished watercolor effect in Photoshop

Create a Vintage Effect
Finish vintage feel

Changing Eye Colors in Photoshop
Final Step

With the huge fiasco of last year it still is interesting to look at the stats and see slow upward trend back up. I haven’t disappeared! I’m only just starting this back up again! For those that still follow this blog, thank you!

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